jamie lea bertsch



cast on / bound off is an ongoing piece made by unraveling cherished fabrics, personal belongings, and previous artworks. The resulting strands are then spun and obsessively knit into a patched and continuously growing installation. cast on / bound off is a record of multiple transformations, personal memory, and honest effort—becoming a memoir of the items that comprise it. The workhonors the humble stitch with a fanfare; fantastically recording the passage of time and multiple eras held within the materials. Detailed and laborious stitches represent the variations of process, mending a history of personal thoughts, memories and intuitive decisions. The slow buildup of layers interrupts functionality, and question the thresholds of comfort. cast on / bound off is at once luxurious and absurd, meticulous and rash, obsessive and banal.

In cast on / bound off, every stitch justified its existence and every color located its place within the work. I found my way there by hand: by making, un-making, ripping, knotting and knitting each piece back together until it located a new form. cast on / bound off contains the time of its making. Each fiber has been undone and reworked; a concentration of the many stitches, knots and layers before — a work, within a work, within a work — good to the last drop.